User IP and Location

Your Location Is Ashburn

Here are some of the features of User IP and Location:

					You will need to Add [] Either side of the code 1 on left one on right. I can't add them here as they loda and will crash. 

userip_location type="ip"
userip_location type="continent"
userip_location type="country"
userip_location type="countrycode"
userip_location type="region"
userip_location type="regionname"
userip_location type="city"
userip_location type="lat"
userip_location type="lon"
userip_location type="timezone"
userip_location type="currency"
userip_location type="isp"
userip_location type="browser"
userip_location type="os"
userip_location type="flag" height="auto" width="50px"

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